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Unite Your Team

Unite colleagues with a premium, scalable Bluetooth® speakerphone for up to 7 in-room participants. Be heard with six adaptive, beamforming microphones that isolate voices from room reverb and ambient noise. A superior speaker for rich, natural sound.

Protect your device

With Kensington lock support

USB dongle parking place – easy to locate

BTD 800 USB dongle enables easy Bluetooth® connection to all devices

Empower collective performance

Encourage productive teamwork across locations with EXPAND 80 – a series of premium, scalable speakerphones for up to 16 in-room participants.

Get your message through with EPOS Voice™

6 adaptive, beamforming microphones and DSP intelligently isolate voices from room reverb and ambient noise

Rich, natural sound

Powerful ultra-low distortion speaker in a unique patent pending suspended speaker box fills the room with outstanding sound, enabling superior duplex performance that allows simultaneous speech

Superior craftmanship, statement Scandinavian design

Crafted with high-quality materials and sound-enhancing fabric by Kvadrat with a premium, minimalist aesthetic

Conferencing across devices

Merges PC/softphone and mobile calls into one conference

Customized set-up

With detachable USB-C cable

One touch access

To Voice Assistant or Microsoft Teams functionalities

Intuitive sound design

With voice prompts created by Felt music

Set up your conference call in seconds

With multi-connectivity, a simple user interface and one touch access to your preferred Voice Assistant